Beat Down Bad Weather and Competition with Custom Umbrellas custom promotional umbrella

Beat Down Bad Weather and Competition with Custom Umbrellas ,custom umbrella with logo

  Beat Down Bad Weather and Competition with Custom Umbrellas ,custom umbrella with logoAdvice: Print umbrellas with a logo

  An ideal giveaway in every season: umbrellas! A wide variety of models, sizes and equipment make the umbrella printed with a logo one of the most effective advertising material. The high utility and the large advertising space ensure double advertising power – and that almost pass. Make the right choice and choose an umbrella from our range. Whether pocket umbrellas or stick umbrellas, transparent or colorful – we will be happy to help you choose. Now protect your customers from poor weather and are also happy about an enormous number of new advertising contacts. We are certain: print umbrellas with a logo is always the right choice. We will not leave you standing in the rain!

Customized umbrella manufacturers and suppliers with LOGO

  Print up umbrella | All benefits at a glance

  With a good umbrella, you can literally save your customers the day at the push of a button. In addition, your company benefits from these further advantages:

  Large advertising space over the complete umbrella

  Band, shaft and shell are popular printing surfaces

  Different printing methods such as sublimation pressure or screen printing process are possible

  Many colors & finishing options

  Large advertising range through presentation in public

Beat Down Bad Weather and Competition with Custom Umbrellas ,custom umbrella with logo

  Everyone really needs an umbrella and not just in the autumn season. In addition, umbrellas are often lost: umbrellas are left in the restaurant or forgotten with friends and so it is recommended to always have a spare screen ready. So it makes sense to own several of the supporting companions.

  Beat Down Bad Weather and Competition with Custom Umbrellas ,custom umbrella with logo Diversity with advertising pressure is therefore optimal advertising medium, because company logos in particular can be placed here very extensively. From experience it should be said that advertising borons are particularly popular and gratefully accepted by the customers and offer a permanent multiplication for many people. Accordingly, the advertising effectiveness of advertising bores with company logo is extremely high.

  The umbrella as an advertising material is a useful companion in wind, weather and especially on rainy days. If the clouds move up and cause precipitation, it protects her umbrella from getting wet. Even on extremely sunny days, an umbrella can be used as a parasol misused and as a shadow dispenser. If you save the day to a customer in this way, it is a full advertising success and your company will not be forgotten anymore. An umbrella is also ideal as an employee gift.

Customized umbrella manufacturers and suppliers with LOGO
Customized umbrella manufacturers and suppliers with LOGO

Why wait for the weather to get better to get your outdoor branding on the move? Custom umbrellas hold the rare credit of putting your brand on a wide display in bad weather and get everyone talk and think about your message.

Everyone needs umbrellas to brace against elements and go about their daily business. It is this high utility that makes custom umbrellas a  hot choice among marketers. Considering custom umbrellas for your next campaign? You’re not alone! Umbrellas are consistently the top choice among most marketers thanks to its high perceived value. Highly useful , all round the year, umbrellas are available in a wide range of models and colors that will make it easy to pair up with any promotional theme.

Here are some of our most popular umbrella styles to help you get started.

Budget friendly folding Promotional Umbrellas: If you have a modest budget on hand, these small folding umbrellas are perfect.  Designed to fold down into a small size that is perfect for any bag,  yet big enough  to  protect your recipients from  bad weather, folding umbrellas are available in a large assortment of colors. Print your logo on these popular umbrellas and you are all set to impress the travelling crowd and your employees.

Business Umbrellas: If you are looking for a  classic corporate-style umbrella that works well for most companies, look no further than these wooden hook handle umbrellas. Get your logo printed onto umbrella panels so that passersby will take  note of your message. Talk about a conversation-starter!

Golf Umbrellas: Need an umbrella to match your team or club colors? Then you’ll want something like these golf umbrellas. The large canopy with various panel colors will suit most club colors and help you gain some extra attention during game days.

Standard Umbrellas: Easy to use and simple, these umbrellas look outstanding with corporate customization. Built to last long, standard umbrellas will easily enhance the populist tag of your brand.

Anti wind umbrellas: Let your audience put behind the nightmare of  having to deal with an umbrella that gets toppled over by the winds with these strong and sturdy umbrellas. Designed to withstand high winds, these umbrellas are a great choice for the open greens and mild stormy weather conditions. Fiberglass frame and ribs and vented canopy are some of the features of anti wind umbrellas that will make it a great choice   for the outdoorsy crowd.

Need further tips on custom umbrellas? Reach out to our customer service team today to get on board!

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