New Arrivals In Custom Umbrellas Just In Time For Outdoor Summer Fun custom promotional umbrella

New Arrivals In Custom Umbrellas Just In Time For Outdoor Summer Fun ,custom umbrella with logo

  New Arrivals In Custom Umbrellas Just In Time For Outdoor Summer Fun ,custom umbrella with logoAdvice: Print umbrellas with a logo

  An ideal giveaway in every season: umbrellas! A wide variety of models, sizes and equipment make the umbrella printed with a logo one of the most effective advertising material. The high utility and the large advertising space ensure double advertising power – and that almost pass. Make the right choice and choose an umbrella from our range. Whether pocket umbrellas or stick umbrellas, transparent or colorful – we will be happy to help you choose. Now protect your customers from poor weather and are also happy about an enormous number of new advertising contacts. We are certain: print umbrellas with a logo is always the right choice. We will not leave you standing in the rain!

Customized umbrella manufacturers and suppliers with LOGO

  Print up umbrella | All benefits at a glance

  With a good umbrella, you can literally save your customers the day at the push of a button. In addition, your company benefits from these further advantages:

  Large advertising space over the complete umbrella

  Band, shaft and shell are popular printing surfaces

  Different printing methods such as sublimation pressure or screen printing process are possible

  Many colors & finishing options

  Large advertising range through presentation in public

New Arrivals In Custom Umbrellas Just In Time For Outdoor Summer Fun ,custom umbrella with logo

  Everyone really needs an umbrella and not just in the autumn season. In addition, umbrellas are often lost: umbrellas are left in the restaurant or forgotten with friends and so it is recommended to always have a spare screen ready. So it makes sense to own several of the supporting companions.

  New Arrivals In Custom Umbrellas Just In Time For Outdoor Summer Fun ,custom umbrella with logo Diversity with advertising pressure is therefore optimal advertising medium, because company logos in particular can be placed here very extensively. From experience it should be said that advertising borons are particularly popular and gratefully accepted by the customers and offer a permanent multiplication for many people. Accordingly, the advertising effectiveness of advertising bores with company logo is extremely high.

  The umbrella as an advertising material is a useful companion in wind, weather and especially on rainy days. If the clouds move up and cause precipitation, it protects her umbrella from getting wet. Even on extremely sunny days, an umbrella can be used as a parasol misused and as a shadow dispenser. If you save the day to a customer in this way, it is a full advertising success and your company will not be forgotten anymore. An umbrella is also ideal as an employee gift.

Customized umbrella manufacturers and suppliers with LOGO
Customized umbrella manufacturers and suppliers with LOGO

Who doesn’t like to wear the latest in weather wear to celebrate the change of seasons? Make use of this trend while choosing promotional gifts for your recipients for maximum impact. Trending gifts enjoy the best retention and popularity as the recipients will hang on to these fashionable gift items and love to show it off in their social and friends’ circles. Now that the spring and summer outdoor fun season is fully on, there can’t be a better gift idea than custom umbrellas.

Here are a few of our latest custom umbrella models that you will surely love to make your promotional items.

Umbrella with Collapsible Cover: Check out this umbrella that comes with a special retractable plastic cover that slides easily over the entire umbrella. The no drip feature of these umbrellas with collapsible cover will make it a great choice for the rainy season as these umbrellas will not wet the floors or the cars. The unique cap at the tip of the umbrellas will keep the water from dripping out till you loosen it to drain the water out anytime you wish. Made of water resistant material, this umbrella will ensure absolute comfort and keep the users dry.

Double Cover Umbrellas: These double cover umbrellas flaunt two different designs on the outer cover and the inner cover. A fully sublimated interior will let you place one large image over the entire interior of the umbrella to offer the ultimate brand experience for the users. Loads of fun and vibrancy, double cover umbrellas will put your brand over the heads of your recipients, literally! Grab the double canopy space advantage of these umbrellas and put your brand on a wide display.

Domestic Fashion umbrellas: Why should umbrellas be bland and only functional? Check out these fashionable and trendy fashion umbrellas that come with a delightful wooden shaft and curved handle that will give a quirky charm to these umbrellas. These custom printed domestic nylon umbrellas will make a perfect moving billboard for your brand and message because your recipients will find it hard to resist these pretty brollies that are designed to please people and turn heads ! Check it out right away.

Vented Color Crown Umbrellas: Create a dazzling display with these umbrellas that come with a colored upper vent with contrasting black lower vent. The windproof frame construction and extra-strong black metal shaft with matching sure grip handle are the other functional features of these umbrellas. The vented color crown umbrellas will make it a good choice during gust and stormy conditions as the wind will be channeled through the vented canopy thereby keeping the umbrellas steady and upright.

Need more? Just browse our impressive collection of custom umbrellas and keep an eye on the new additions that we are making regularly to make sure that you have the latest custom umbrellas in town!

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