Welcome to the Custom Umbrella Store!

Custom umbrella with LOGO

Welcome to the Custom Umbrella Store!

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Get Wholesale Imprinted Umbrellas in Bulk with your Personalized Message

Personalized umbrellas are a sure way to grab attention at any tradeshow, event, or campaign of yours. Increase your sales with our huge collection of carefully selected customizable umbrellas that will make your company or event so memorable.

What types of umbrellas can you personalize?

Our printed umbrellas have low prices and are available in myraid colors across the color spectrum. Our branded umbrellas are also made of good quality materials and we carry a variety of different brand name umbrellas like Slazenger, Balmain, and High Sierra. Our logo umbrellas also come in all different sizes, some so small, they will fit snugly in your purse, and others large enough to give you complete sun protection in a sunny golf course.

What can you use custom umbrellas for?

Our custom umbrellas are appropriate for so many occasions and events! They are great promotional ideas and are extremely popular with many of our clients in industries such as advertising, construction, real estate, sports, tourism, design, restaurants, hair salons, beverage companies, etc. Your target audience will value these customized umbrellas and your brand name will always be at the top of their minds. See your clients holding these print umbrellas up high on a cool rainy day with your brand name and personalized message – this is the prefect advertising tool.

Why order umbrellas from us?

Order your logo umbrellas from us today and see brand soar! Our expert customer service reps are always ready to help you and walk you through your order from start to finish. You will be delighted with our branded umbrellas. Order worry free today – great quality printed umbrellas and cheap prices – and see your brand name take off!


Design Custom Umbrellas with your Logo for your Promotional Event

Our promotional umbrellas are available in many styles and colors, including mini umbrellas designed for daily commuters and travelers. Mini imprinted umbrellas easily store in a coat pocket or purse for the unexpected rainy day, while the vented logo umbrella features an innovative design to keep them from blowing inside out for cities that often deal with strong winds and damaging storms. Folding promotional umbrellas are great for traveling, as they easily fold for convenient storage when not in use.
And of course we can’t forget our Custom Golf Umbrellas! Perfect for sponsoring a golf tournament, we have over 20 personalized golf umbrellas to complement your logo and keep your name in the eyes of the audience, as well as the players! The Custom Umbrella store has a custom imprinted umbrella for every business need! Ordering in bulk online is easy, but if you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to email or call us for prompt and courteous customer service!